Our Product

The J-Mitch soccer backpack is a unique bag constructed for football players of all ages.

The unisex design comes packed with exclusive features that are practical, intelligent and purpose built for footballers.

A high-quality nylon polyester blend has been used throughout the backpack, making it strong and durable. 

Unique Design Features

Ball Compartment

Fits All Size Balls

This separately designed section is rounded out of the backpack to fit all footballs from size 2-5. It comes with double zips and is lined with polyester to keep you bag clean even if your ball is dirty. 

Boot Compartment

Breathable Boot Section 

The base of the bag has a separate shoe compartment with a mesh front, allowing for air flow and reducing the smell of sweaty boots. This double zippered area is also lined with polyester to keep your belongings clean when your boots are wet.

Double Sided Holders

For Drinks, Shinpads & More

Carry all your extra items with dual mesh pocket holders on each side of the bag. These elastic, spacious pockets provide easy to carry areas for items such as drink bottles, Shinpads, Umbrellas, Ball Pumps and more. 

Adjustable Back Straps

Safety & Comfort

The adjustable straps and clips hold the backpack to your body when cycling, walking or running. This increases security and promotes comfort by having the bag tightly wrapped to your body. This feature is especially suited to those who use a bicycle to commute.

Headphones Access Hole

Listen When Commuting

The purpose built headphone hole allows for protection of your smartphone or listening device while you walk, ride or run. Plug your corded earplugs through the hole and leave your device safely inside the backpack.

Dual Internal Sections

Store Laptop + More

Two inside sections are separated by an elasticated strap that is ideal for storage of a laptop. The larger section has plenty of room for towels, clothes, helmets, books and more. The mesh padded back helps protect your laptop and your back at the same time. 

Triple Mesh Padding 

Protect Your Back

Soft mesh padding for the lower and sides of the back will provide more comfort when walking, riding or commuting. The padding is also featured on the inside of the arm straps for increased comfort when wearing over one shoulder.

Thick Grip Handle

Easy carry & Sturdy

The hard plastic carry handle at the top of the bag allows for a  comfortable and easy to carry grip of the top of the bag. This is fantastic when giving the shoulders a rest and extends the life span of the backpack. 

5 x Reflective Stripes

Stay safe at Night

The 5 reflective stripes give our backpack the extra degree of safety when leaving a late night game or training session. Walk or ride at night with the knowledge that we have your back!